Centlec (SOC) Ltd is currently the license holder and distributes electricity to over 186, 858 customers in the area of Mangaung, Kopanong and Mohokare. Centlec (SOC) Ltd was established as a municipal entity wholly owned by Mangaung Metropolitan Municipality.

Centlec was established in terms of the Municipal Systems Act, 2000 and the Companies Act, 1973 and it is obliged to comply with the provisions of the Municipal Finance Management Act, 2003.

The entity is governed by the Board of Directors, duly appointed by Mangaung Metropolitan Council from time to time and its day to day business is conducted under the stewardship of the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) and Executive Committee directly accountable to the Chief Executive Officer.

The supply to towns other than Bloemfontein started with Brandfort in 1953 followed in 1960 by towns in what is now the Xhariep District: Reddersburg, Bethulie, Edenburg, Philippolis, Springfontein and Trompsburg. Centlec’s customer base is over 97% domestic and 3% commercial consumers.

The core services of the entity include:

New Electrification Networks, Refurbishment and Maintenance. Metering, Prepayment Vending and Billing Services. Training and Development.

From a technical perspective Centlec is defined as an electricity utility that comprises the creation, operations and maintenance of the electricity distribution systems.

Centlec serves to distribute electricity, at lower than transmission voltage levels (132kV) to the end customers.

Electricity is distributed from distribution centres (substations) to a large number of geographically dispersed residential, commercial and industrial customers. Distribution includes technical activities, such as load dispatch, customer connection installation, equipment maintenance, metering installation, as well as commercial activities, such as meter reading, billing, customer service and marketing.

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Frequently Asked Questions

To apply for free basic electricity, you need the following: ID book/card, Proof of income, Proof of address. You can apply for Free basic Electricity at any municipal office i.e. Hostel 1 Regional office(home affairs) or glass house. Once you have applied for FBE it takes 3-4 months for council to approve. When you have applied for FBE at any municipal office you do not need to come to Centlec, the municipality will send all approved indigent customers through to Centlec.
For FBE Enquiries at MMM 051 405 8347
For FBE Enquiries Centlec 051 409 2261
Members of the public, staff members as well as suppliers of goods and/services who suspect or may have any information regarding any activities of theft, fraud, corruption, meter tampering, cable and electricity theft or illegal connection to inform and report such acts to the new Fraud Hotline at (051) 409 2682, WhatsApp number +2764 616 5774 or email: fraudandcorruption@centlec.co.za which operates 24 hours.
Members of the community can report power outages, area faults and meter complaint to our 24 hours Call Centre at (051) 409 2345/086 007 6937.